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[quote_left]Online video is on fire. Mobile phones, PCs, tablets, TVs… HTML5, Flash Player, native apps… We expect to be able to view our favorite content wherever we are, on any screen.[/quote_left]
The variety of screens available to consume media is great for consumers, but it presents a big challenge for us as developers and content producers.

Not only do we have to be knowledgeable about every possible screen size, processor, and platform, but we need to address unreliable wireless connections and constantly shifting “standards.”

Our immersive workshop gives you the map you need to navigate this new terrain. You’ll get familiar with the latest formats and codecs, server technologies, and player options. You’ll get a no-nonsense look at the benefits of HTML5, Flash, and native playback. You’ll spend one information-packed day learning the encoding technology, best practices, and player logic that will get your video on the most screens — with the least amount of pain.

Walk away with:

  • Strategies for optimal single file and multiple bitrate video encoding
  • Understanding of current standards and requirements of mobile/pc/tablet/tv
  • Solutions to address challenges of HD delivery, from capture to playback
  • A working video player, with grasp of underlying logic
  • A logical end-to-end approach to get your video playing on multiple screens

If you are a web developer, content producer, or video professional, grab your ticket today and add multi-screen delivery to your skillset.

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[quote_simple]WVW is a joint venture between Doceo Publishing and LearnFromLisa.com. Doceo’s Jan Ozer covers video encoding and Lisa Larson-Kelley illuminates video delivery and player development – providing end-to-end knowledge to achieve the best playback across desktops and devices.[/quote_simple]